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Interim Care with a Life-Improving Philosophy

Home Nursing and TherapySoutheast Home Health Care was founded as a sister company to Southeast Rehabilitation. While nursing and aides serve as an integral part of our plans of care, everything we do is enhanced by our expertise in physical therapy. Every treatment plan is formed by asking the question, “Can we improve this patient’s life by improving his or her physical ability?” Care planners at Southeast Home Health Care look beyond today’s diagnosis to consider the many things we can do to improve each patient’s health and ability long-term.

If one of these questions describes you or someone you care about, please contact us for more information right now. You are at home . . .

  • Are you managing a wound that is not fully healed?
  • Have you not fully regained your strength after an accident or illness?
  • Are you at home managing a chronic disease that is not fully controlled or that has a likelihood of flaring up and putting you in the emergency room?
  • Have you have suffered an accidental fall?

If one of those four statements describes you or someone you care about, Southeast Home Health Care has solutions that are 100% covered by Medicare. We send therapists and nurses to the homes of patients (especially patients over age 65). Making frequent visits in your own home, with most visits lasting 30 minutes or more, we have the time to really look after you, perform the services you need, and provide the training that will empower you to better manage your health situation.

Imagine if a nurse made multiple, long visits spread over a couple of months to really teach you how to use diet to control elements of your chronic disease. Imagine if a physical therapist were able to train you in a short, simple home exercise plan that would improve your ability long-term. Imagine if an occupational therapist were able to make a few modifications around your house and show you new ways of doing things that make your activities of daily living go more smoothly. Southeast Home Health Care can do all of this for you and more.

The first step is to contact us and have a short conversation about your situation.